About Christine


I am so glad you stopped by so I could share something with you. It’s this…

Truth Changes Everything.

Sounds simple, right?For a very long time I lived believing lies that I thought were the truth. Here are just a few of them:

I’m not good enough just as I am

I have to mold to someone’s ideals to be worthy of their love

I’m not worth fighting for, trying for, being faithful to, listening to

My value is based upon other’s opinions, my face, my figure, my talent

My past defines my future

But God……

But God broke through all of them. One by one He began to reveal His truth about me

He created me perfectly exactly as He wanted me to be (and you)

I don’t need to change Anything to be loved by Him (neither do you)

I AM worth fighting for, trying for, being faithful to , listening to….In fact, He thought I was worth dying for (so are you!)

My value, worth, and identity are found in Him (so is yours)

If you have found me here I believe there is a reason. Maybe you’re stuck in some of the same lies . You’re feeling defeated, alone, overwhelmed, unworthy, trapped. Maybe you don’t even know what you’re feeling, but you’re searching. For Something...

I’d love for you to stay a while and let me share with you where and how I found my Something which turned out to be the Someone of Christ.

5 thoughts on “About Christine

  1. Hi Christine! We have not seen you in a long, long time. Are you okay? Hoping to see your smiling face once again!

    Love & blessings,


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    • Hello! Wow! How cool to be missed! Thank you so much for checking on me. My ‘day job’ is owning a hair and makeup team of 13 ladies. We have been exploring the possibility of expanding and that takes alot of mental energy that I could not devote to my blog. However, I just put up a new post today and will be rebranding soon to give me more focus. I hope you like it! Happy Easter Blessings, Christine

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      • Easter blessings to you as well! Wow, you are a busy lady. I just read your latest post and left a comment. Awesome! That is what you call on-your-feet-thinking.


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