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Hello! Welcome to my little piece of the Blogiverse. I usually find these About pages awkward, but I’ll do my best. Here goes:

I am married to my Knight in Shining Armor

I am mom to 3 hilarious boys

Sister to ‘She who will kick your butt’ if you hurt me 😉 but it’s ok, she’s an NP and can fix you right up.

Daughter to a woman who can create any craft imaginable.

I am an entrepreneur — a hair/makeup artist.

I love chalk paint and anything turquoise.

I will put away your glass if you leave it on the table for more than 30 seconds.

I HATE paper piles. I also hate filing paperwork. These things do not coexist well.

I am usually 10 minutes late. Which is a pretty early version of late for me.

I played the viola for 15 years and hope to pick it back up.

I know that if God didn’t have an infinite amount of patience and deep love for me, I would absolutely not be here.

I believe that life is about Thriving, not just surviving.

5 thoughts on “About Christine

    • Welcome!I’m so glad you found me and I hope you continue to enjoy my post I will be putting up a new one soon.


  1. Hi Christine! We have not seen you in a long, long time. Are you okay? Hoping to see your smiling face once again!

    Love & blessings,


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    • Hello! Wow! How cool to be missed! Thank you so much for checking on me. My ‘day job’ is owning a hair and makeup team of 13 ladies. We have been exploring the possibility of expanding and that takes alot of mental energy that I could not devote to my blog. However, I just put up a new post today and will be rebranding soon to give me more focus. I hope you like it! Happy Easter Blessings, Christine

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      • Easter blessings to you as well! Wow, you are a busy lady. I just read your latest post and left a comment. Awesome! That is what you call on-your-feet-thinking.


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