The Most Powerful Words

Let’s talk about the big white elephant in the room….I’m scared. Yep. Scared as hell that I am about to put some of my life stories on the internet. Scared of being transparent (not my favorite thing) and scared of being judged. But here’s what I’m even more afraid of…Not doing it. The words need to be written. Words that form instant bonds between unlikely souls. Words that make you feel loved, accepted, and understood. Sometimes shouted and often times whispered tearfully there are two words that can change lives. “Me too.”

“Me too” builds alliances and friendships. It creates hope that ‘this too shall pass’ and I will someday be on the other side of the pain like You are. “Me too” is real and raw and inclusive. When you hear those words you know you’re not alone.

‘I discovered my husband had an affair’ – “Me too”. ‘My kid is going off the rails’- “Me too”. ‘My business is going under’- “Me too”. ‘ I was molested’- “Me too”. ‘I’m so lonely sometimes it’s physically painful’- “Me too”. ‘My second marriage failed and I feel like a Jerry Springer episode.’- “Me too” . ‘I had an abortion and I’m scared God hates me’- “Me too”. ‘Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get ‘it’ right’- “Me too”.  ‘I got fired’- “Me too”. Oh yeah,,, I’ve been through them all and so have you. I know you have because I’ve been a hairdresser for 28 years and you’ve told me. Whole lotta TMI in 28 years. 😉     (Had to inject a little humor. It was gettin’ a bit heavy)

The brilliant thing about those two little words isn’t just in what they build but also in what they destroy. They destroy isolation.  They interrupt the condemning self talk of, ‘ no one could be as messed up as I am’. They shatter the darkness by shining a ray of hope. And they break open your heart to let a little light in. As I struggled to birth a meaningful name for this blog, God reminded me of a moment when He let some light in to my shattered heart. At the age of 15, my parents discovered that I’d been molested for three years by some family members. Because of their desire to see these men brought to justice I found myself sitting in the Florida State’s Attorney’s office telling every sordid detail. Fun times. There is no classy sophisticated way to recount being molested. It leaves you feeling worthless , degraded, and dark. But God knew I needed a “Me too” moment to show I wasn’t alone. The attorney who had taken my case got very quiet as I wound down and he looked at me. Really looked at me. Then he put his hand on a massive stack of paperwork that had been sitting beside him and said, ” I see girls all day who have been put through the same things you have. (I’m not alone!) Not all of them come out of this intact. But you; you’re different. You still have light in your eyes. You’re gonna be ok.”  And I am. (It took many years, therapy, and bad decisions. Lots of bad decisions)

So that’s why I will be writing this blog. To let you know that there is a ‘Me Too’ out there for you. Someone who’s been through the enormous and the ridiculous things of life. I believe in you because I believe in the One who created you. When you look at me and say, ‘yeah she Does still have light in her eyes.’ I want you to look at yourself and say,”Me too.”

16 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Words

  1. This spoke to me today…on a day when I am running on survival mode alone. Your ‘Me Toos’ have given me strength for almost 20 years. Every year my respect and love for you grow stronger. Thank you for your courage and strength to share. I am thrilled that others now have the opportunity to be blessed with the wonderful gift you share with me each day.

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  2. Beautiful words my friend. And couldn’t be more true. I was JUST having a Me Too conversation with a near stranger yesterday so you posting this today is like a wow moment:) We are not alone. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Christine, the bravest people I know are the ones that are not covered in bandages to hide their scars. Bravo to you for sharing so that others may not feel alone. I have often thought of do something similar. It is becoming clearer to me everyday that I am the only one who needs to forgive myself. Thank you for inspiring me!

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    • More often than not, we condemn ourselves long after everyone else has moved on. Letting go of the idea that we might have had some control over our abusers was, for me, the first step.


  4. As I read your blog I almost felt as though you had somehow seen into some of the most painful parts of my life.

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  5. Wow, “me too”. Thanks for confirming God’s message to me. We are not islands but peninsulas still attached to the mainland.

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  6. I’m sitting at work and I stole a moment to read this. Can’t hide that I’m not working with tears in my eyes 🙂 This is beautiful and so inspired. You are awesome for taking the time to do this. Thank you for being obedient to God. Still crying…so sweet and real, a much needed read. Thank you.


  7. Like many of us I am also a “Me, too.” It can be so difficult to start putting all out there for God knows who to read. But you did it! You are starting on a journey that is in itself a form of therapy. I am happy for you and just now prayed for you in this “new stage” of your life. May you find peace and healing in God through your writing.

    I have been writing about many issues in my life as they relate to my faith in Jesus. He healed me from over 30 years of battling an eating disorder. He healed me! He saved me! However, as I continue to write about all my “shtuff”, I see just how much needs to still come out. I have recently started writing about being molested and raped. I never really wanted to write about it. But what I am getting at here, is that together we all can find strength in one another’s struggles. We all can stand tall and offer hope. I look forward to hearing more of your courageous story! God bless!

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    • The more we stand together in light the more we can heal. I wish you courage as you write.
      The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has NOT overcome it!

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